Facial skin care after 30

The Korean facial care routine is widely known in the world, everything here is thought through to the smallest detail. When you look at Koreans, you can see that they look younger than the actual numbers in their passports. So how to care for facial skin after 30 with the help of Korean cosmetics?

The first stage of skin care is cleansing. Mycelial water is perfect for removing make-up, and then a foaming cleanser, which gently cleanses the facial skin, prepares it for further care. Also, the cleanser will not reduce the level of moisture, which tends to decrease after 30. We recommend using MedB Black Head OUT O2 Cleansing Bubble Tox cleansing. After applying the product on damp skin and holding it for a couple of minutes, the cleanser forms a  foam and gently cleanses the skin.

The final stage of cleaning is scrubbing. Thanks to the facial scrub, the skin becomes much softer, brighter and more vibrant. All because the scrub helps remove dead skin cells and promotes skin regeneration. After reaching 30, it is worthwhile to use scrubs without abrasive particles to avoid damaging the protective layer of the skin. Korean cosmetics are products that gently affect the facial skin, including facial scrubs. In the range of Bimil Cosmetics you will find facial scrubs without abrasive particles, and thanks to the cellulose particles, the result of dead skin together with cellulose “curls” into “lumps” and thus the skin is cleansed gently.

After cleansing the next is skin tonic. This product deeply moisturizes the skin, restores the pH balance, helps to absorb the beneficial substances contained in serums and creams well. Tonic with AHA acids and collagen perfectly completes the cleansing stage, promotes skin regeneration, moisturizes the skin.

After 30, even the most effective moisturizer needs the help of a face serum. The concentration of active substances in the serum composition is higher than in other measures, so the measure will work intensively and will help to achieve faster results. Dr. Some regenerating serum is intended for use from the age of 25, so it is perfect for the needs of this age up to 45 years. This serum will increase the elasticity of the skin, promote regenerative processes, reduce wrinkles. Its rich in vitamins B12, A, C, B5, B3.

Sheet face masks are popular in Korea because they contain a high concentration of substances that are beneficial to the skin. These substances easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and thus nourish the skin at the cellular level.