Korean skin care during the winter

During the winter, all of our skin requires extra care. In winter, facial skin suffers from constant temperature fluctuations. When indoors, the skin is exposed to dry, warm air, and when it is outdoors, it is exposed to cold, humid air and wind. Sudden temperature fluctuations can cause skin irritation, rashes, scaling, and many other problems, but this can be prevented by proper care of your facial skin.

Korean cosmetics are perfect for facial skin care in the cold season. Koreans follow this rule in winter: nourish and protect the skin in the morning, moisturize and nourish in the evening.

In winter, it is very important not to damage the protective layer of the skin and not to dry the skin, so choose a gentle foam for washing, which help to effectively remove dirt, but does not disturb the skin’s natural balance. Korean cosmetics take great care of that.

Korean skin care also emphasizes skin exfoliation at least once a week. Skin scrubs should also have a small abrasive particles, to do not damage the protective layer of the skin. Koreans usually choose chemical skin scrubbing with the help of acids, or scrubs that have a natural composition and help to remove dead skin cells into small clumps which helps to remove dirt more effectively.

Moisturizing and nourishing face masks are intensively used in the Korean facial care routine during the winter – 2-3 times a week. Korean leaf masks are a very popular skin care method for moisturizing and revitalizing facial skin. Although moisturizing the skin in the Korean beauty routine is very important, during the winter more attention is paid to nourishing the skin, so the creams are not as light as in the summer, but thicker, more oily, designed to protect the skin from moisture loss and to maintain skin elasticity. Korean cosmetics are rich in peptides, natural oils, antioxidants, collagen, hyaluronic acid. It is best to apply the face cream on the skin 1 hour or 30 minutes before going outside to allow the cream to soak up.