Less is more

Minimalism in cosmetics aims to protect sensitive skin and avoid skin irritation. The minimalism of beauty, which manifests itself not only in decorative cosmetics, but also in skin care, perfectly solves this problem. Often, recklessly or instantly impressed, we choose cosmetics whose list of ingredients is overflowing with various ingredients, we do not even think that the longest list, even of natural ingredients, can do more harm than good to our skin. The more ingredients in the product, the more likely it is that irritation or allergic contact dermatitis may occur with one of the ingredients in the product. By increasing the number of ingredients in the product, there is a risk that the active substance will become less biologically active, so you may not benefit from the key ingredients. High levels of ingredients can irritate the skin. Irritation may include itching, redness, dryness or oiliness. As a result, additional skin problems occur. Restricting skin care ingredients reduces the risk of irritation or allergies and you can focus on products with higher concentrations of active ingredients, such as Vitamin C. Dermatologists have long known that too much skin care ingredients removes the skin’s natural protective barrier. It becomes overly sensitive and irritated. Therefore, when using cosmetics, it is important to choose those that have the function of restoring the protective skin barrier, e.g. Dr. Some moisturizing face cream that not only moisturizes but also restores the skin barrier at the same time. Cosmetics manufacturers or suppliers who rely on minimalism make a clear decision to carefully select ingredients with high benefits. Bimil cosmetics face masks have a limited number of ingredients and are concentrated on active natural components such as glycerin and honey, glycerin and aloe. Only what is needed to revitalize the facial skin so that it restores moisture balance does not lose elasticity. The smaller range of components not only allows the active ingredients to appear, but also has a purposeful and effective effect on the skin.