Sheet face masks – why they are worth using and how they can be useful

Skin care products are improving rapidly, we are noticing new technologies and ingredients that allow us to take care of facial skin even better. This time about sheet face masks and what innovations are in the field.
When writing on a topic, it is common to remember prehistory briefly. About sheet masks, many people probably know that they originated in South Korea, when to take care of their skin, Koreans put on face pieces of cotton cloth soaked in natural extracts and homemade serums to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate the signs of aging. The sheet mask is one of the most important steps in Korean facial skin care 10 step routine and is a major breakthrough in the beauty industry globally.
Before using sheet face masks, it is worth looking at what material they are made of. Sheet masks are currently available in cotton, microfiber, cupra, tencel, hydrogel, bio-cellulose, foil or carbon. Commonly used cotton sheet masks have lightness and good serum abscess, new technologies still provide tens or hundreds of times better serum impregnation thanks to new technologies, which improves the absorption of active ingredients into facial skin tissues. Bio-cellulose sheet masks are made of natural fibers, organic, free of toxins or other harmful substances. Bimil Cosmetics sheet masks are made of bio-cellulose fiber, adhere perfectly to the skin while reproducing individual facial features, which is very important for the serum to be evenly distributed on the face and the mask to be maximally effective.
Another important thing to know when choosing a face mask is your skin type and the climate it faces. Sheet face masks are filled with a wide variety of different serums, so it’s important to choose which mask works best for your skin. If you have dry skin, we recommend choosing a sheet face mask with aloe vera extract or hyaluronic acid. For owners of oily skin, we would offer a sheet mask enriched with vitamin C or pomegranate extract. Masks with collagen or snail secretion are perfect for those who want to maintain skin elasticity.
Well, and before use, do not forget to wash your face cleanly and cleanse with tonic, so that the skin absorbs the active ingredients in the serum of the sheet mask more effectively. For a longer lasting effect, massage the serum residue to the skin after removing the sheet mask and apply a cream to the face.